What does Bucar Group do?

We specialize in delivering customized B2B consulting and co-sourced service-solutions for various industries and size companies who seek to reduce costs, improve results and enhance process automation for the order-to-cash functions. We differentiate ourselves because we deliver best practices and best-in-class experience, expertise, people, analytics and reporting joined with our economical business model.

Can you provide references?

Yes. We have a very compelling business heritage and reputation with excellent customer references. Our customers will tell you that we are flexible and can be trusted. Each of our customer relationships receive fully customizable solutions so the value proposition is different for each.

What is Bucar’s approach with new customers?

Consulting and service implementation is seamless and quick.

Does Bucar have adequate business controls?

We maintain SSAE 16 Certification. Also ongoing and strict security, confidentiality, quality control and assurance programs. We feel it’s imperative to provide all the up-to-date safeguards that our customers consider pertinent in today’s ever-changing business environment.

We always use secure connections, require passwords, teach and enforce our security policy. Because we have sensitive information for our customers, we utilize advanced technology for security including data encryption. Meanwhile, our customers provide us with unique user names and passwords that must be entered each time a Bucar user logs on. Bucar Group consistently monitors the sensitive information we have from each customer. We understand what we use it for and where it resides. We isolate/segregate customer-specific information, keeping it on the fewest number of computers and segregate it from the rest of our data.

What type of industries does Bucar work with?

Our customers range from lower middle market to Fortune 500 working in Manufacturing, Wholesale, Transportation and services. Any business that has an order-to-cash process in a candidate for our solutions. We pride ourselves on industry specific knowledge that helps us deliver industry-applicable services and automation tailored to each customer.

How does Bucar get to know our business?

We call it co-sourcing because one size does not fit all. We encourage and reinforce collaboration with our customers so we continue to produce customized solutions that are flexible and seamless. We have basic and fundamental understanding of most industries, functions and systems. We grasp business culture and uniqueness in short order. Bucar employees become very knowledgeable and employee-like for our customers. There is always management oversight to ensure diligence with customer specific protocol, practices, methods, and traditions.

Isn’t outsourcing tough to get started with a lot of changes?

You have a business to run so we are careful to limit disruptions. We are very organized and detailed to ensure a smooth transition with minimal start-up distractions and changes.

Can’t we do this just well as Bucar?

You probably can, but should you? Your O2C, non-core functions are our core, therefore we must be the best at it. More than ever, businesses are utilizing co-sourced talent. Our customers appreciate focusing on their core business. They co-source as part of a strategic plan to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.


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