“When we add it all up, there’s a direct correlation between Bucar’s work and our solid outcomes”
– Ed Cassidy, Director Credit, Pittsburgh Glass Works


Our customers will tell you that our consulting work is a secret ingredient for them. But we go beyond that. Our true heritage and what makes us really unique is that we offer a host of O2C service-solutions that we operationalize for our customers. We are truly multi-dimensional!

This integrated consulting-to-service approach differentiates us. We work with our customers to uncover and customize the right solutions and then we help them apply the solutions. This is how transformational thinking turns into transformational doing!

Beyond our in-house technology platform, Bucar Group leverages strong relationships with top B2B software providers across the O2C functions so that we deliver the best end-to-end solutions.

Q: Have you had difficulty recruiting talent for O2C functions?
A: Every company is limited by the quality and skill sets of their employees. By leveraging Bucar Group, you have access to industry experts and highly trained people ready to step in and help your company grow.

Q: Does your sales volume fluctuate? Does that fluctuation affect the efficiency of your O2C staff?
A: You are only as strong as your weakest link. If your support staff is either overworked or lacking key skills, it will affect your bottom line. Maximize your company’s potential by leveraging our team’s expertise.

Q: Have you evaluated your O2C staff performance to find ways to improve?
A: Evaluating team performance makes a lot more sense when you have alternatives. If your staff doesn’t have the time or skills to perform non-core functions, consider Bucar Group as a co-sourced partner.

Q: When was the last time you did a cost analysis to compare overhead on these functions?
A: All companies grow and evolve. It’s important to take a periodic look to ensure you are focusing on core functions and taking advantage of co-sourcing when it makes sense.

Q: Have you evaluated what the impact would be on your bottom line if you refocused O2C spend on core growth initiatives?
A: In today’s economy, every company needs to be smart about use of capital. We think it makes sense to focus on driving revenue and growth and let us take care of the rest.

Q: If the quality and performance could be better or at least remain the same but at a lower cost, why wouldn’t you consider The Bucar Group?
A: We believe in dollars and sense. Take advantage of our team’s expertise to make better use of your dollars. It just makes sense!

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