Why Co-source

outsource-factsOur customers co-source as part of an overall strategic initiative to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.  Bucar enables “Strategic Rightsizing”, taking the process all the way from strategy to execution.  Useful in boom times and challenging ones, co-sourcing  and “rightsizing” go hand in hand to match intent with results.  The beauty of it is that customers can co-source in part or in total.  It can be permanent or temporary. When looking at co-source opportunities, a company should look at potential areas and it’s components to determine if part or all of that function should be co-sourced. Bucar Group takes on the responsibility for the process, people management and quality control of the function.  Co-sourcing allows our customers to focus on their core business and create a competitive advantage by reducing operational costs.  There should be significant cost savings to the co-sourcing strategy. Our customers have not encountered any disadvantage to co-sourcing: performance and quality are maintained or improved.  Bucar employees quickly become very knowledgeable and “employee-like” for our customers.  There is always strict protocols and management oversight to ensure there is diligence with client specific legal compliance and security.


The Real Cost Of An Employee

What is the cost of an employee? Based on typical metrics, an employee’s real cost is at least 1.3x the base salary. For example: 30k salary really costs 40k or more, which include:


Tactical Advantages to Co-Sourcing

Reduce or control operating costs
Provider’s lower cost structure is one of the more compelling short-term benefits of outsourcing.

Resources not available internally
Outsourcing is a viable and important alternative to building the needed capacity from the ground up.

Functions difficult to manage or out of control
Does not mean abdication of management responsibility.

Strategic Advantages to Co-Sourcing

Improve business focus
Allows company to focus on broader business issues.

Access to capabilities
Brings extensive resources to meeting the needs of customers; access to new technology, tools and techniques that the organization may not currently possess; more structured methodologies, procedures and documentation.

Free resources for other purposes
Allows an organization to redirect its resources from non-core activities toward activities that have greater return in serving the customer.


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