PPGPPG – $15 Billion company ranked 182 on the Fortune 500.  Bucar Group has done multi-faceted work for all PPG business segments for over a decade.

“The Bucar Group offered a unique solution to our cash application problem.  We were considering going off shore.  The fact that they are located in the USA makes for a much smoother relationship.  They handle our cash application function as if they were a part of PPG!  They supply high caliber employees, they have low turnover rates and their costs are very competitive.  It is most definitely a lower cost, high value service.”
–Thomas Doaty, Director of Credit, PPG Industries

“PPG Industries has been using the Bucar Group for over 10 years.  They have proven to provide a professional service that is reliable and flexible enough to adapt to a variety of business needs.  We initially asked the Bucar Group to provide assistance with Credit and Accounts Receivable functions.  This low cost/high value service approach convinced us that we needed to expand this support across multiple business units.  This has subsequently expanded to the cash application function.   As I have moved to other functional responsibilities within PPG, I have brought this “good idea” with me.  The Bucar Group provided an effective and efficient way for us to source and track sales leads as we focused on expanding our business with the government.  We also used the Bucar Group to help us clean up old customer unauthorized deductions for my current business.  In every case, we trusted the Bucar Group to provide professional service without the need to add headcount.  I consider our customer relationship to be extremely important and we were confident that the Bucar Group would interact with our customers with the same standard of professionalism that we would expect from one of our own employees.  The Bucar Group offers an adaptable and efficient business model that puts reliability and trust at the core.”
–Kevin McDonald, Vice President, PPG industries

“Charged with increasing the output of the PPG Construction Sales Team without adding additional internal headcount, I met with Dave Bucar to present the challenge.  He was able to quickly grasp what was needed with people and strategy to help us achieve our goal.  As a result, we were able implement a strategy to increase the number of quality project leads with our construction segment across three key business units.  Bucar provided top quality employees who quickly became a part of our team.  Results have been great!  We have had a solid working relationship with Bucar for 8 years now!”
Jan Rogan, Director of Marketing, PPG industries


pgwPittsburgh Glass Works – $1 Billion leader in the automotive glass industry.

“The Bucar Group provides Pittsburgh Glass Works with high quality external resources to supplant our internal team in the Credit, Collections and Cash Application areas of the business.  The Bucar Group gives our company great flexibility in staffing our teams, providing high caliber individuals who assimilate easily into our policies and procedures.  The net result is a long standing partnership producing strong economic results that accrue to our financial statements.”
Tim Sayre, Vice President, Pittsburgh Glass Works


chromeChromalox – middle-market manufacturer serving many industries worldwide.

“The problem that we had at Chromalox was very inconsistent collection of receivables.  Also, we were utilizing credit reporting services, but that was not working for us.  Our DSO was 50 days which was strapping our cash flow.  First, Bucar Group stepped in and took over the credit function and provides us great advice on potential customers.  Next, they took over the day-to-day collection function, which allowed us to streamline our operation.  Within a half year DSO was reduced to 30 days, which allows us to continually pay off debt.  They also helped us limit our risk and make strategic credit decisions.”
Ed Cumberledge, Former CFO, Chromalox (Current CFO, Arrow Material Services)


Sisterson_WhiteSisterson & Company – in the top 200 largest certified public accounting and financial consulting firms in the USA. 

“I’ve known Dave Bucar for almost 20 years and have watched him develop and grow the Bucar Group.  I am totally impressed with Dave as a tremendous business innovator.  I have seen firsthand Dave’s own commitment to keeping the business agile, lean and quick and have further witnessed his dedication to his clients’ success and to doing things the right way.  I have referred many clients to him over the years.  Without fail, Bucar Group has delivered excellent results.  It’s easy to have a lot of confidence in Dave and Bucar Group; they are fully committed to the client’s success.”
John Kaye, Partner, Sisterson & Co.

Bucar Group works with customers of various size from a variety of industries, ranging from fortune 500 to mid market and smaller. They can provide excellent benchmarks and references. We would love for you to talk to them about us; they will tell you how we have a strong relationship with a track record of high quality results and outstanding service.



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