Private Equity Consulting

Private Equity firms hire Bucar Group to assess new and potential portfolio company’s Order-To-Cash processes and operations. Bucar Group reports concrete findings that are actionable and have implications to drive the deal model, profits and performance.

Bucar Group will assess and benchmark key non-core business functions…










Grade Key:
A=Exceeds the industry standard and meets all business needs
B=Satisfies business needs and will meet the growing business operations
C=Satisfies the business needs, but there are areas needing improvement
D=Does not satisfy the business needs fully and is in jeopardy of risk

Business Risk Key:
L (Low)=Nominal risk to the business when expanding operations
M (Medium)=Possibility of risk to the business when near-term projects will be required
H (High)=Immediate attention is required

Implementation Improve Risk Key:
L (Low)=No or limited risk during implementation
M (Medium)=Additional focus on scope is required
H (High)=Significant effort is required to drive adherence to production and timeline


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