Common Concerns

You can’t add simplicity in, you have to take complexity out.

  • We believe simplicity is a competitive advantage.
  • Complexity creeps into business.
  • Fight for simplicity.
  • Co-sourcing negates complexity.

Common concerns from potential Bucar customers….

…Bucar Group communicating with our customer
All communications with your customers are handled transparently so that the customer believes it is an in-sourced communication. Bucar employees are also set up with your company email and voicemail to further ensure clear and normal employee-like communication. Meanwhile, Bucar Group is professional and customer driven in all we do with your customers.

…Bucar Group doesn’t know our business
We call it co-sourcing because we realize that one size does not fit all!  We encourage and reinforce collaboration with our customers so we continue to be sure to offer customized solutions that are best-in-class, seamless and flexible. Our relationship with the customer is a hybrid solution.  We combine two sources of power (Bucar/Customer) to form a positive business offspring that jells and matures. We have experience and fundamental understanding of most industries, functions and business systems. Therefore, we are able to grasp business culture and uniqueness in short order. Our customers have not encountered any disadvantage to co-sourcing: performance and quality are maintained or improved. Bucar employees quickly become very knowledgeable and “employee-like” for our customers.  There are always strict protocols and management oversight to ensure there is diligence with client specific practice, methods, tradition, legal compliance and security.

…Outsourcing is tough to get started with a lot of changes
We understand that you have a business to run.  We are careful to limit disruptions. Implementation is seamless, clean and quick. Customers quickly gain confidence in the project strategy as it is constantly executed and reinforced to achieve specified goals and maximize results. Our implementation plan is very organized, detailed and flexible ensuring a smooth transition with minimal start-up distractions. Most processes associated with your business do not change.

…We can do this just as well as Bucar Group
You probably can, but should you? At Bucar Group, your non-core functions are our core, therefore we must be the best at it, excellent at the particular processes being co-sourced. “Best-in-class” is what all organizations strive to achieve. However, many do not attain “best-in-class” status for non-core functions. In order to effectively move toward attaining “best-in-class” status, Bucar Group relies heavily on the formulation, development, and implementation of what is commonly referred to as “best practices” to support our work. In today’s economy, businesses are rewarded for utilizing talent that doesn’t necessarily reside within their brick and mortar.  We are dedicated solely to providing these services to our customers to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.  Bucar Group takes on the responsibility for the process, execution, people management, and quality control of the co-sourced function. Our customers recognize and appreciate the value of focusing on their core business to try to give themselves a competitive advantage!


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