How We Work

Bucar Group’s primary mission is to provide it’s customers with multi-faceted solutions that are secure, economical, easy to implement, reduce costs, streamline workflow processes and provide compelling ROI.

Affiliate Partners play a critical role in our success. We are deeply grateful to the Bankers, CPA’s, Lawyers, Private Equity Firms, Investment Bankers and other business intermediaries who provide us with business lead opportunities.  Key elements of our culture and approach include candid and timely feedback, fairness, transparency, and keeping our commitments. We believe that doing what we say gives intermediaries the trust and confidence to share with us their most prized customer relationships.


Whether you are a salesperson, process outsourcer or simply a company that wants to add a complimentary service to an existing suite of offerings, Bucar Group has a channel for you. Our wide array of services and business model are second to none in the industry and continue to help our Affiliated partners differentiate themselves from their competition.  Affiliated Partners benefit from access to resources, industry experts and a nationwide infrastructure that will help you grow your reach in the marketplace by offering a more comprehensive solution.


Bucar Group recognizes the value of developing and maintaining solid business partnerships. We encourage collaboration with software and back-office providers who want to offer our mutual customers best-in-class, seamless, end-to-end solutions. The more we know about relevant partners, the better the customer experience will be.

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