“Bucar Group helped us pave the way for decisive action and sustainable results.”
– Joe Mangieri, Treasurer, Chromalox


Our O2C network and connections are unparalleled and run deep.

We are meticulous about our people that work for us and those we partner with. We identify and recruit the best functional expert people; staff, managers, consultants and strategic alliances.

As you look at non-core O2C functions, you may determine that it needs to be done better and/or cheaper. Headcount is a big factor.  Your non-core functions are our core! Therefore, we must be good at it. We’ll move the needle for you where it matters most…better performance and lower costs.


A word about off-shoring…

Here are a few reasons companies are returning from off-shoring to home-shoring:
• Cultural and social differences
• Communication problems/barrier
• Security issues
• Time differences
• Company reputation in USA
• Political climate

One customer said to us…
“Off-shoring led us to a competitive disadvantage!”

Co-sourcing with Bucar Group provides the cost benefit without the disadvantages. It’s the best of both worlds!


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