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Bucar Group specializes in providing customized B2B outsourcing solutions for many industries and size companies who seek to reduce costs and improve results with non-core functions. Unlike the primary alternative where the functions are performed in-house by employees, Bucar Group can do the work at a much lower cost. Furthermore, we normally exceed expectations and upgrade results of the work being done. We differentiate ourselves because we deliver best practices and best-in-class B2B experience, expertise and people joined with our economical business model. Commonly, customers achieve a reduction in costs and improvement of results by at least 30% within the first 90 days of engagement. Meanwhile, all customer-established key performance indicators (KPI) are exemplary within 90 days of engagement and maintained at that level.

At BUCAR GROUP, your non-core functions are our core, therefore we must be the best at it, excellent at the processes being co-sourced.

We’re lucky. We get to work in one of the most exciting, important and ever-changing fields in global commerce – business to business co-sourcing!

We call it co-sourcing because we realize that one size does not fit all!  We encourage and reinforce collaboration with our customers so we continue to be sure to offer customized solutions that are best-in-class, seamless and flexible.  To that end, our relationship with the customer is a hybrid solution.  We combine two sources of power (Bucar/Customer) to form a positive business offspring that jells and matures.

When it comes to selecting a co-source provider to perform non-core business functions, you have many choices.  But, when you are looking for a partner to take these functions to the next level, to move the needle where it counts the most – higher productivity, continuous improvement, cost savings, exceeding your company’s needs – there’s really only one choice:  BUCAR GROUP.

BUCAR GROUP has forged a record of performance and customer service that is second to none.

BUCAR GROUP has distinguished itself from the pack through the following core features:

  • Execution – First and foremost, BUCAR delivers. At the end of the day, you want to know, “Was it executed right?”  That’s our first priority – to make sure that the answer to that question is yes.
  • Customer longevity – Our customers stay with us a long time – right now, 5 years on average.  We hardly ever lose a customer.  Our customers are loyal because we continue to add value year after year.
  • Continuous improvement – This is not a hollow marketing claim for Bucar Group, it’s a way of life.  We will never rest on past successes. Our company and our customers will never grow without a constant pursuit of improvement.


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